About The Dork

I created this blog on March 11th 2013, after being convince by my good friend who once wrote a successful and wonderful wordpress. I intended this blog to be a place where I write what I feel, but it ended up turning into a journal of complaints. If you read some of my posts from when I first started this blog, you can see what I mean. I cringe looking back on those, but for some reason I leave them up.

Now what I want this blog to be is a time capsule. I want it to be a log of my frightening journey into adulthood. I’m probably going to continue griping about life and high school and my lack of talent, but at least I had good intentions! I am a junior in high school, I hope that is a good enough excuse for my inactivity. I don’t really know what I want to do with my life, but I want to enjoy it. I have thousands of interests, but rarely commit to one or the other, which is making finding a college difficult and terrifying.

I have a few hobbies, I love running. (Although I’m not very good at it.) I try to practice yoga. I write some things sometimes. I play some instruments. Oh, that almost made me sound impressive. You should probably know that I’m lazy. As much as I would love to master intricate yoga poses, write an award winning novel, or become a banjo expert, often I find myself sleeping in the brief amounts of free time I have.
But that’s where this blog comes into play. I think I’m finally going to try and make myself interesting. I’ll blog about interesting things, therefore forcing myself to do interesting things.
So here goes nothing. This is my life through my rather itchy and high prescription contact lens.
And I’m trying to figure out what I can offer the world.
or Kita
or whatever
PS: The quote in my header is by Vincent Van Gogh, one of my favorite people ever to have lived.

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