Don’t Read This As A Poem

I don’t want to be a productive member of society
I just want to write things nobody reads
Sit among the trees
Read books and talk to plants
Watch the stars til 2 am
But still wake up before 10
I don’t want to engage
I just want to experience
You can’t have one without the other
I want no one as much as
I’m terrified to be alone
I hung out in a graveyard yesterday
Does that make me creepy
The sun was shining
The leaves were turning
The flowers still full
The grass is growing well
Over his grave
Still no marker has grown
To bear his name
I don’t like how I write
But I need to do it
It’s an obligation of sorts
This meter is terrible
Nothing here rhymes
I’m sorry to disappoint
But this is not a poem
This is my thoughts
Separated by a pretentious space


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