(Sheepishly covers up the fact that I’m too lazy to write a meaningful post with a post on my silly self mutilating fantasies)

I started my senior year this past week. After a meeting with my counselor, the dropping of three classes and the seizure of two, I had a lunch with my friends. During lunch this week, my friends and I launched into a discussion on tattoos. My friends had all sorts of ideas in mind, and one was even planning on getting a tattoo when she turns 18 this year. At the time, I couldn’t think of a single idea for a tattoo, but I have many. I’m technically not allowed to get a tattoo. My great aunt has told the girls of my family several times, “You don’t put a bumper stick on a Ferrari.” As much as I love that woman, I disagree. First of all, if I had a Ferrari I’d totally put a bumper stick on it. Even if it that’s tacky as hell. Second of all, tattoos have the possibility to be the most beautiful accessory you’ll ever own. But it might be a good thing that I’m not allowed to get one, because all the ideas that I’ve had have been either ridiculous, cliche, or something I will regret.

My Tattoo Wishlist:

An Anatomical Correct Heart on My Ass. This is one of the ridiculous ideas but hey it’s no more idiotic than a normal, cartoonish heart on my butt. Why not teach people a little bit about cardiology?

Eyes on My Knees. Have you ever seen Mamma Mia? Need I say more?

Some Sort of Plant Growing up my Ankle. I love trees more than people. I don’t know how to make this tattoo look good, in my mind it looks amazing but whenever I share the idea aloud it sounds cliche and boring.

A Teeny Tiny Turtle on my Wrist. Possibly an elephant, or whatever my favorite animal is when I get it. I love animals as much as trees so I want to express my love of them by permanently engraving them in my skin, like any other animal lover would.

Pen/Harpoon Hybrid on my Arm, Either my Inner Forearm or my Bicep. This is a reference to one of the most stunning Twenty One Pilots lyrics, “I’ll tell the moon, Take this weapon forged in darkness, Some see a pen, I see a harpoon.” These lines might mean something very different, but my interpretation was that words are powerful and when I write I have the opportunity to strike down problems and speak out on issues. I consider myself a writer – as hard as that is to believe – and I want to be able to see my pen as a harpoon.

Every Twenty One Pilot Lyric Ever to Exist. Ummm. This could end up very weird looking. They’re my favorite band at the moment so I obviously consider every word of their songs to be magic. If I can somehow narrow down my favorite lines maybe I’ll tattoo one or two of them, or find an image that represents them.

“Write Or Die.” My friend, Amanda, told me about this app called “Write or Die.” I probably won’t end up using it but the phrase made me think of biker gangs. So of course, I want it written on my skin until I actually die. I hope that I will be writing until I die. Maybe I’ll get this one in a cutesy heart.

Various Tiny Stars, Constellations, and Planets All Over my Body. I love space. I love space a lot.

Well, that’s my list of silly tattoos. What do you think? Should I get them?


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