INFP (Warning! This post contains a lot of whining about lame feelings.)

I find it rather funny that personality tests can be so accurate. You answer a few general questions, and bam! There’s a summary of who you are. It’s really strange. Psychology is crazy. It was my favorite class this year. (And in my academic career, so far!) I think what makes it so wonderful is it’s scientific proof that you are not alone in your mixed up feelings. It’s a science dedicated to everything you suspect, but were too afraid to ask about.

Anyways, a while back I took a personality test, recommended by my good friend Olivia. (She runs a perfect blog check her out!!!!) My personality type was INFP. I got the results and I was like cool okay what do those letters even mean???? So I started to read the description of the personality type, gasped a little too loudly, read it to my dad, then called my mom at work, read it to her, and sat in a start of gleeful shock for about an hour. I guess you could say I liked what I read. Even though it wasn’t the best personality type one could have, i just felt so much joy because it seemed accurate. One of my biggest insecurities is my personality. (You’re probably wondering, what the heck is wrong with you, Kita? Well think about it. It’s the one thing we’ve been told over and over again matters the most. So of course I’ll mess it up! It has also been pointed out to me many times by more than one ex-friend that personality is something I lack.) But there were many positive traits described. It was quite reassuring, you know?

It was really fun to read something that described me pretty well. Of course there were one or two things that were a little off, and there was a lot missing. At least that’s what I’m assuming. There’s got to be more to me than a page on the internet. But then there were the bad things. Well, not necessarily bad, but things I know I do that I try to pretend I don’t do. For example, “take many things personally.” I don’t do well with criticism. At all. The second someone doesn’t have something nice to say about me, I get frustrated with myself, not them but me, for letting them see my failure/weakness/flaw. It’s pretty bad. The next weakness of my personality type is that we’re difficult to get to know. That’s incredibly true, and incredibly frustrating for me to realize. It takes me years, literal years, (I think the average is 2) before I can fully open up to someone or even initiate conversation with them. Unless of course they’re an incredibly bubbly and talkative person who’s actually interested in me. (Have you caught on that I’m insecure?) But the last weakness of the INFP is the one that I have tried my darndest to pretend I didn’t have. Drumroll please………………………………..

“INFP personalities are prone to being too dreamy and idealistic, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. They may idealize—or even idolize—their partner, forgetting that no one is perfect.”

Sighhhh. Yes, I do this unfortunately. It’s seems like a problem that only middle schoolers loopy with hormones should have. Since I haven’t actually had a romantic partner, (#16nearly17yearsandcounting) this is a really, really bad thing. Why? Well, when you have no one to put on this metaphorical pedestal, you start to create a sort of standards for when that guy actually shows up. It’s like the longer I go without a boyfriend, the higher the standards rise, thus making it harder for me to date the guys I know, making myself go longer with out a boyfriend. Do you follow? Curse my overly idealistic imagination!!!! *Shakes fists at books and romantic comedies for ruining my expectations.* Oh well, maybe someday I’ll get over this weakness. 

That’s enough of my dumb feelings for one day! I think I’m going to write a short story about a dragon now! Or work on my other writing project… Not sure which… I guess it depends on how much sleep I want tonight. I’m so glad it’s summer. Now here’s a somewhat unrelated quote about passion from J.R.R. Tolkien, a fellow INFP.

“No half-heartedness and no worldly fear must turn us aside from following the light unflinchingly.”


2 thoughts on “INFP (Warning! This post contains a lot of whining about lame feelings.)

  1. I sympathize with you! I’m also an INFP and I find love to be…. ahhh, perhaps the most paradoxical aspect of life! It’s as if it’s my soul’s desire to have a partner to love and yet I have such trouble finding someone to love because majority of the time that would mean settling (or so I feel…) Anyway I found it comforting to read this post. And, no, I do not think your feelings are whiny or lame 🙂

  2. Hey, hang in there, Prince Terribly Attractive and Kinda Nerdy in a Charming and Charismatic Way will come along soon ’nuff 😀 also thanks for the shoutout!

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