Confessions With No Explanations

  • I don’t think I’m a real person
  • My friends compliment me too much
  • I can’t fall asleep during the school week anymore
  • I’m scared of phone calls
  • I’m starting to forget how to hold conversations
  • I’m starting to lose the ability to speak
  • I’m going to fail my finals because I’ve gotten too cocky
  • There are moments where I watch those around me as if they were characters on a screen. They ask me questions but I’m unable to answer because you can’t reply to a movie.
  • The scale says I’m losing weight, the mirror says the scale is wrong.
  • I feel at peace outside in the sun
  • I can’t pick flowers anymore, or even weeds
  • All I’m able to do these days is observe, although I want to interact I’m unable

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