Inner Monologue Of Going For A Run

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Has it been an hour since I had lunch yet?

I have three big slices of pizza to digest though, so maybe I should wait an extra hour today.

Will it start raining before I’m done running?

I don’t want to get stuck in a thunderstorm, catch a cold and not be able to run for the next month.

There’s not a cloud in the sky for now, but let me check the weather app just in case.

Mostly sunny with zero chance of rain for the next three days.

All clear, damnit.

Looks like the perfect day for running.

Yay? It looks a little chilly outside though.

Do I need a jacket, or is a long sleeve shirt enough?

I don’t want to overheat though, so maybe a long sleeve shirt with shorts? Or a tank top with running tights? So many combinations to choose from!

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